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Best Art Deco Buildings in Miami Beach


There is one thing for sure about Miami, the beaches and the Art Deco District are the tops spots to see and visit. Actually, South Beach was reborn in Art Deco, when in 1926 a hurricane wind up the city; after that Miami Beach saw an important building boom with the chic new style coming from Paris called Artes Décoratifs. Buildings like the Bass Museum and the McAlpin were built. There is a list of some Art Deco buildings to see.

Bass Museum

The Bass Museum was built in 1930 as the Miami Beach Public Library and Arts Center. Located at 2100 Collins Ave, designed by Russel Pancoast, the building is covered in fossilized Paleolithic coral.

The Delano

Situated at 1685 Collins Avenue, The Delano building was created by Robert Swartburg in 1947. The rooftop lounge area offers a marvelously refreshing perspective.

The Plymouth

Built in 1940, The Plymouth building is located at 336 21st Street, and was produced by Anton Skiskewicz. There is something futuristic about it; the blade of concrete that cuts the center of the rounded facade pronounces its presence.

The McAlpin

The McAlpin is based at 1424 Ocean Drive, and it was designed by L. Murray Dixon, one of the biggest designers of the Art Deco district, in 1940. The colors, the structure, the windows, and the lines, make this building an exceptionally beautiful building.

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