MirkoMirko Bisazza is our top customer service Realtor at Gary Hennes Realtors & specializes in the Miami and Miami Beach markets to include luxury waterfront residences. Relocating from Milan, Italy and investing in the area for his own personal residence it was a smooth transition from his Real Estate career in Italy with an American branded company to actually making the move to his self described paradise.

From a unique perspective of the outside looking in, Mirko brings a European flair to the South Florida Real Estate market that is hard to replicate if you haven’t lived abroad. His passion for selling in Italy was the result of many successful transactions and a desire to dedicate his career to the clients and the perfection of the type of service he wanted to provide. “Being well traveled is an asset in today’s market where many Realtors just haven’t the global perspective needed to understand the comparison data of where they are now and where they want to be.” says, Mirko enthusiastically.

Educated at the University of Milan and with a previous career in the semiconductor field he has flourished in the selling of the best properties that one can imagine. The sun, ocean and South Beach were the main reasons for coming to Florida but planting the roots for his wife and family to enjoy their time here was equally important. This compassionate experience is critical for anyone moving from other places in the United States or elsewhere. Currently living on South Beach, one conversation with Mirko will tip the scales to a decision to rent, sell or buy.



Exclusive Listings

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Finest Communities

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What Mirko Bisazza Has to Offer

Mirko Bisazza is among the top real estate experts in the esteemed Gary Hennes Realtors group. A native of Milan, Italy, he combines his unique global perspective with his intimate knowledge of South Florida to offer an exceptional real estate experience. With extensive real estate experience both at home and abroad, he’s well-equipped to meet your real estate goals.

Mirko Bisazza utilizes the latest technologies and strategies in the industry in order to give his the best deals and opportunities on the market. He will work closely with you to understand your unique goals and develop a personalized approach that guarantees your vision will become a reality. Few others in the industry invest such dedication and meticulous attention in their real estate approach.

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor, Mirko Bisazza will ensure that you receive only the best real estate service imaginable. That’s why he remains one of the most trusted and sought-after real estate exerts in South Florida.


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